Let’s Have a Brew: Center Mass Brewing American Infidel IPA

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June 5, 2014 by hummelb23

A friend of mine called me a couple weeks ago and asked me to help a homebrewer he knew by reviewing his newest creation. I homebrew myself and I know that having something you created be critiqued is not the best feeling in the world. Well, it may be if it was positive feedback and not negative. Anyway, I agreed to try the beer and write down my thoughts about the brew. The homebrewer is former military and hence, the name of the brewery, Center Mass. This, meaning the middle of your body. Get it?? The beer is an IPA but the twist is that it is brewed with maple. I thought that was a very interesting combo and added to my decision to agree to write down my thoughts. So, without further ado, let’s have a brew:

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Aroma: The maple is definitely the overall scent that you will find in this beer. Though you may find some hints of malt mixed in that breaks up the maple.

Appearance: This brew pours a cloudy brown which will finish with an off white head. The brew itself is relatively clear with some effervescence that you may be able to see. The head will linger throughout your enjoyment and will leave you with a nice mosaic of legs on the glass as well.

Flavor: As you take a sip of this brew, you will find a nice balance between the hop bitterness and the maple. I found this to be a great trait of the beer because I can imagine how tough it is to find a balance between the two. Especially since they are strong flavors in their own right. The finish gave way to the expected maple but left you with the hop bitterness that lingered after you have swallowed. Though, the malt backbone of this beer provided a nice break throughout the sip.

Mouthfeel: Very smooth with medium carbonation. The hop bitterness is a little harsh but nothing that can’t be tamed by a “hop head”.

Ken Lyman is the homebrewer that came up with this concoction and I am very impressed. As a fellow homebrewer, I hope to create something that is as well balanced as this brew, especially with the two strong flavors that he combined. i hope to try some more from Center Mass very soon.


You can check out the pour of this beer on my YouTube page.


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