Let’s Have a Brew: Narragansett Brewing Company’s Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout


June 23, 2014 by hummelb23

Narragansett Brewing Company and it’s offerings holds a special place in my craft beer loving heart. The reason for this is that I lived in Narragansett two out of the four years of my college life at the University of Rhode Island. Even though it is no longer brewed in the town, the name brings back great memories of my college days.

Recently, Narragansett has been teaming up with some other Rhode Island staples to produce their own Rhody spin on some styles of beers. This brew, specifically, is made with Autocrat coffee flavored syrups and with the company headquartered in Lincoln, Rhode Island. The syrup is mixed in milk, like chocolate syrup, to make coffee milk. Yes, that’s right, coffee milk. This is something I never heard of until I started in college in Rhode Island. I was never a fan of coffee before college so to hear of people making milk to taste like coffee just seemed a little weird. After my first year of college I came to find that coffee milk is basically the unofficial drink of the state of Rhode Island (if one even exists). So with that little spat of trivia, let’s move on to this Rhody spin on a milk stout. Let’s have a brew:

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Aroma: Just as you would think, based on the label, you will be hit with a rather intense aroma of coffee. Though, you may also get some hints of dark chocolate that breaks up the coffee just a little.

Color: This brew will pour a dark brown, almost black and finish with a brown tinted head. With the dark color, you won’t be able to see much going on within the body of this brew.

Flavor: You will find the flavor of coffee with hints of chocolate throughout your time with this brew. It will be with you from the beginning until the end of each sip. Some may find some malt bitterness on the finish but other than that, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful coffee and chocolate flavors together each time you tip your glass.

Mouthfeel: With a medium body and a similar carbonation profile, this brew is smooth. Just plain smooth. Some many argue against it’s thinness, but the smooth way this brew drinks, you would be hard pressed to find many that would support that argument.

Overall: The combo of coffee and chocolate shine bright in this brew. With Autocrat being a strong syrup to begin with, it is no surprise that this brew throws the coffee flavor right into your face. For a lighter bodied stout, this brew has a great flavor profile that will make many people (and Rhode Islanders especially) forget that they are even drinking a beer.

Score: 3.75/5

You can see this beer being poured on my YouTube channel.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Have a Brew: Narragansett Brewing Company’s Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout

  1. Looks like it pours with plenty of head as well! Was there are nitro widget in the can?

    • hummelb23 says:

      There wasn’t. I was surprised how much of a head it poured with. I did have an aggressive pour to begin with but you can see as soon as it hits the glass, the head just explodes. It had been sitting for a few hours so I’m not sure on the reason why it poured that way.

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