Let’s Have a Brew: Flying Fish Brewing Company’s Hop Fish English IPA

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July 16, 2014 by hummelb23

I have a few friends that live in New Jersey and one in particular has always raved about Flying Fish’s offerings. Since Connecticut does not get the chance to indulge in Flying Fish’s lineup, it took me visiting my parents in PA to be able to snag a bottle and try it out. My choices were limited so I went with their IPA offering, The Hop Fish English IPA. My thought was that if I am going to give them a real shot, I better go with the current beer style that’s all the rage, the india pale ale.  So without further ado, let’s have a brew:


Aroma:  The scent of alcohol is very prevalent in this brew. You will be hard to find a hop aroma but it does exist. Though it is very, very mild and almost non existent which is strange for this style.

Color: This brew will pour a deep gold that will finish with a pearly white head. As you peer into the glass, you should find some very active effervescence.

Flavor: This beer will hit you with it’s malt characteristics first and then easy the hop bitterness into the finish. Some may find some citrus notes during their sip which will add to the complexity of this brew.

Mouthfeel: This brew will drink very smooth with some roughness on the finish. This will be due to the hop bitterness that will range from a medium tingle to a higher shock depending on your familiarity with hops/IPAs. I was surprised to find a medium body on this brew but it was a nice addition.

Overall: This brew will not drink like a typical IPA, American or English. I felt that it drank more like a pale ale. Though the English style closely resembles a pale ale, I felt that lack of a stronger hop profile took something away from the overall profile of this brew.

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Check out the pour of this brew on my YouTube page!


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